Mount Abu has tremendous scope for nature camps in the wild, however only few places are allowed for camping by the the WildLife department namely:

  1. Bhrigu Ashram
  2. Utraj Oriya
  3. Vasthanji
  4. Rishikesh Temple
  5. Agneshwar Ashram
  6. Jawai village
  7. Salgaon Watch Tower
  8. Arna Watch Tower
  9. Trevor’s Tank
  10. Chhipa Beri

If you are coming to Mount Abu you must opt for adventurous activities for a lifetime experience, the excursions are safe and should be done with help of a qualified and experienced government approved guide/instructor, sevral packages are available from short trek, half-day, full day to custom tracks with night hold and camping facilities.


  1. Bridal Path – 6km
  2. Mini Nakki Lake – 6 km
  3. Tiger Path – 8km
  4. Craigs Path – 2km
  5. Beyley’s Walk – 1km
  6. Trevor’s Tank – 6km
  7. Guru Shikar – Utraj Oriya – 6km
  8. Arna –Chhipabri – 5km
  9. Achalgarh- Bhrigu Ashram – 2km
  10. Utraj-Vasthanji – 16km


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